A walk along Surf Beach – with shell

I've been enjoying another relaxing few days at Phillip Island, where beauty and inspiration abound. This morning I took a walk at low tide along the south coast section of the island known as "Surf Beach" to Forrest Caves. With this week's WordPress photo challenge theme of SCALE in mind, I picked up a shell … Continue reading A walk along Surf Beach – with shell

Twinkle twinkle at the beach

'Tis the season for twinkling. In Australia that often means sun and the sea. We love our Christmases at the beach. I know we're not quite there yet (can it only be 12 days until Christmas?), but here's my take on TWINKLE for this week's photo challenge. This is the photo I immediately thought of … Continue reading Twinkle twinkle at the beach

Journal ~ Lying on the couch doing nothing (and why it’s important)

I am lying on the couch doing nothing. At least, I was before the urge to tell everyone about my state of nothingness rose to the fore and I grabbed my computer out of the bag that’s never too far from my side. Nothing. Mulling. Daydreaming. Writing in my head. This is one of the … Continue reading Journal ~ Lying on the couch doing nothing (and why it’s important)

Sunday journal ~ time out at Phillip Island

Winter sun. Wind. Waves. Words. Phillip Island in winter is quiet, serene, beautiful. With the blessing of a clear weekend, I hightailed down to the island this past weekend for some much-needed R&R and time alone with my WIP. It turned out to be one of the most relaxing and joyous weekends I've ever spent … Continue reading Sunday journal ~ time out at Phillip Island


Phillip Island is one of my happy places -- although I don't seem to get down there nearly often enough these days. On one of my first solitary writing weekends on the island, I took a walk along the beautiful southern coast to discover the wreck of the SS Speke in the picturesque Kitty Miller … Continue reading Relic

Time to tackle that WIP again

For the past two months I've been on a self-imposed writing hiatus - partly to let my completed first draft rest a bit, partly to reassert control over the other half of my life. But now, this weekend, in a glorious writing retreat at Phillip Island, I'm allowing myself to look at the WIP again. … Continue reading Time to tackle that WIP again

Weekly photo challenge: The Sea

Almost every time I go down to Phillip Island I walk along the beach east into Cowes or west to Red Rocks beach... Or sometimes I take one of the walks along the rugged southern coast of the island, where the scenery is striking. Almost every time I walk, I snap some photos of the … Continue reading Weekly photo challenge: The Sea

The beach has many faces

I've just returned from spending the Easter long weekend at our family holiday house down at Phillip Island. At least once every visit I like to walk into town (Cowes) along the beach for breakfast. And every time I make this little half-hour pilgrimage for coffee and eggs, I find myself marvelling at the many … Continue reading The beach has many faces