D&D Chronicles: Doors and a Giant Staircase

Our DM is trying to kill us.

No matter where we go, what we do, death lurks around every corner. In the last two sessions since I’ve chronicled, we’ve battled giant beetles, a massive wolf, multiple orcs and goblins, enormous crocodiles, dog-sized venomous spiders, and scary vampire bats that sucked our constitution points away…

And my character Rhi is just newly resurrected! For several traumatic moments as the creepy beetles nearly took us all down about a day into my second life, I thought it had all been for nothing.

Tackling the goblin mine

We were doggedly still trying to penetrate the mysterious mine the goblin caravan led us to a few sessions ago. Given our back door entry hadn’t worked (that’s when Rhi was killed), we reluctantly decided to approach the front door. (Rhi wanted to return to the Giant Staircase, but she was overruled.)

We survive the beetle attack, barely, and scope out the front of the mine. The approach is a narrow ravine so it’s impossible to creep up undetected. The goblins attack, we retreat and are pursued by a giant wolf — which we slay in admirable fashion and take a goblin prisoner, who confirms the mine has many many fighters.

We ask ourselves what the hell we’re doing! Clearly the DM is trying to lure us into a trap just so he can kill us all.

Ha! We’ll have none of that! So we retreat back to town, battling some orcs along the way. More brushes with death abound.

To the Giant Staircase!

The Giant Staircase it is, then. It might well spell our doom, but we have to go to repay the debt of my resurrection coin. And, dammit, I want to know what’s up there!

Cal comes up with the bright idea of taking a ladder to help us climb the massive staircase, and we spend a few days recuperating and provisioning. (Last time we almost starved to death!) Then we head off upriver, first west and then north when it forks, while the rain pours down.

The Giant Staircase is located up a valley on the western side of the river, so crossing the raging torrent from the eastern side becomes an issue. We attack and defeat a band of orcs on our way north, but when we reach the ford near the Staircase we cannot cross.

The DM tries to kill us again (and partially succeeds)

We camp by the river — when we’re attacked by mega-crocodiles, one of which kills our trusty NPC, Betha. Our Cleric is down too, so we have to hang around a couple of days to recuperate…

Rhi decides to scout around and find somewhere better to camp. I roll something like a 24 for my survival roll — which is just about as high as I could roll — and find a cave.

And this is where the DM proves he wants only to kill us, for despite my brilliant roll, he populates the cave with venomous spiders, and I’m only saved from getting poisoned by some great saving throws…

When we’re all up and about again (minus the poor, dead Betha, who got eaten by the crocodile), we decide to head further upriver to see whether there’s somewhere else to cross, and we’re rewarded by a fallen tree spanning the torrent. We only lose one pack as we safely negotiate this with only two of our number falling into the river (secured via a rope, fortunately).

Up, up, up…

And then we’re at the foot of the Giant Staircase. Up, up, up it goes, 5-6 foot stone steps leading up and around the side of the mountain. We estimate it could take us 10 days to climb it, based on our previous attempt… although this time we have plenty of food. And a ladder.

We begin to climb.

It goes without saying that we’re attacked by some random enemy, this time winged bat/giant mosquito creatures that fasten on like limpets and start sucking my constitution points away…

Whatever. (All this angst is becoming so passe!) We climb, camp, sleep… and then on Day 2 of the climb (the ladder working admirably) Saffir our rogue finds a giant door in the cliff face.

Mysterious doors — and a choice

A door. Which Rhi manages to open with a well-timed strike on the pressure plate with our hammer. Inside (for of course we enter) is a short tunnel with no obvious exits and entrances… until we find two more pressure plates on the far wall…

We broke the session here, and now we have to make a decision. Beyond is a vertical tunnel with what appears to be wind rushing up and down it. We speculate it’s something like a wind-elevator. We want to go up…

Does our death lurk beyond in the possible wind-elevator?

There’s a real good chance of it. What will we do?

What would you do?


6 thoughts on “D&D Chronicles: Doors and a Giant Staircase

  1. You know, this experience describes exactly what those of us who don’t live in Australia think it’s like to live there 😉 Kinda like how here in Texas we have wild west shoot-outs at high noon all the time…

    Sounds like a fun game 🙂


    1. So you think we battle orcs and goblins in our spare time?
      Oh, you mean the crocodiles and spiders and giant beetles? I suppose you have a point. All we need are some poisonous snakes… Shh, don’t tell our DM! 😉
      Yes it’s a very fun game – if we survive it!


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