INSIDE an ancient bronze-age village

One of the things I love about travelling is visiting sites that provide a glimpse into how people used to live. I think the oldest site I've ever visited is Skara Brae, a neolithic settlement (3180-2500 BC) on Scotland's Orkney Isles. But more recently I visited Grimspound, a late bronze-age village (~1300 BC) on Dartmoor … Continue reading INSIDE an ancient bronze-age village

Selfie (with bronze-age village and purple hair)

It was only a few weeks ago I was reading about the origins of the word SELFIE, which has recently made it into the lexicons (or nearly) as an official word -- meaning, of course, to take a picture of one's self with one's camera... And now here we are with SELFIE as the theme … Continue reading Selfie (with bronze-age village and purple hair)

Dartmoor: wild and wonderful

Dartmoor. A sprawling wild expanse of sphagnum moss and heather and sheep and rocky tors and babbling brooks. Of mist and mud and ancient monuments. Remarkably, it's the product of man, who cleared it of trees, mined it for metals and minerals, built bronze-age villages on it, and grazed animals upon its slopes. Without the … Continue reading Dartmoor: wild and wonderful