Rough draft or solid opening?

After a fairly solid month of writing, I've produced an opening chunk of the new novel project. It's rather rough in parts (as previously noted), but I'm starting to feel the story take shape. The decision now is whether to keep going with a literally rough draft, or whether to dive back into the opening … Continue reading Rough draft or solid opening?

Quality versus quantity

At the moment I'm a bit obsessed with wordcount. That's what happens when you embark upon a writing challenge such as WriMoFoFo, which comes complete with a Nifty Spreadsheet (its creator should patent it!)┬áto keep track of words produced, owing, and averaged. What's good about this: It makes me keep going and going and going … Continue reading Quality versus quantity

A sense of style

After a recent conversation with a writer/editor/journalist friend, and having spent much of the past two days proof-reading an 80p technical product catalogue, I am reminded of the benefits of keeping a style guide -- even as a novelist. Particularly when one is writing fantasy. Style guides are used to maintain consistency across a publication. … Continue reading A sense of style