View across the treetops

This weekend I have absconded down to Phillip Island for a four-day writing and relaxation retreat. I always find I get a lot done down here, where the sea laps at our doorstep (almost) and all the household cares recede into the background. There is food, there is wine, there is usually chocolate — all the ingredients necessary for a period of productivity.

It is even better when I have writerly company, as I do this weekend, since contrary to what one might think this enhances my discipline. There is simply less skiving off when others might be impacted! We help keep each other motivated. Every minute of the day (that is not spent walking along the beach into Cowes for breakfast or supplies) is utilised by either writing or discussing related topics.

We have a big first-floor deck, with a view across the treetops of Western Port Bay, and there is nothing better than sitting out there with a laptop and a G&T (or glass of red). Something to look forward to tomorrow . . . and the next day . . . and the next.

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