World Fantasy highlights: Connie Willis (with Neil Gaiman)

I'm still in World Fantasy wind-down mode, and today bring you the highlights provided by Toastmaster, Connie Willis. If you read this blog regularly, you'll know that I was recently blown away by her novel Doomsday Book, so was particularly keen to hear what she had to say in person. And what a delight! I … Continue reading World Fantasy highlights: Connie Willis (with Neil Gaiman)

World Fantasy GOH: Ruth Sanderson

One of about six Guests of Honour at the recent World Fantasy Convention was artist Ruth Sanderson, who has illustrated an uncountable number of picture books (and/or book covers), many of them fairytales and other fantasy stories. Her paintings, several of which were on display in the Art Show, were breathtakingly beautiful -- had I … Continue reading World Fantasy GOH: Ruth Sanderson

World Fantasy wind-down

It’s hard to believe that it’s essentially a week since the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego – I’m still recovering from all the people, panels and parties! I had the most amazing time. This convention was all about socializing and informal networking. Yes, I attended quite a few panels (mainly those featuring the various … Continue reading World Fantasy wind-down

Heading to San Diego

Today I'm boarding a flight to San Diego USA to attend my first World Fantasy Convention. Exciting! It feels rather indulgent to be taking a trip halfway around the world simply to hobnob with other genre writers and industry professionals, but I know it will be a worthwhile experience. There will be plenty of people to meet, … Continue reading Heading to San Diego

Me and The Doomsday Book

Every now and then you read a novel that grips you by the throat and will not let you go until you finish it, leaving you sleep-deprived and breathless. Such an experience is often a case of instant gratification, but sometimes . . . sometimes if you're really lucky, that novel will be so brilliant … Continue reading Me and The Doomsday Book

Contemplating World Fantasy 2011

In keeping with my 'focus on writing career' philosophy for this year, I have mostly decided to attend the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego (27-30 October). I have been eyeing off this annual convention for years and years, ever since my first taste of the World Science Fiction Convention, which came to Melbourne in 1999 … Continue reading Contemplating World Fantasy 2011