Horse camp

A familiar trope often found in fantasy stories is the riding of horses as part of a journey or quest. These days the genre is diverse enough that the presence of horses is not inevitable, but many writers (including me) still find this method of transport -- and the idea of journeying across the imagined … Continue reading Horse camp

Why research is important

Anyone who knows anything about astronomy knows that comets tend to arrive in our skies for several weeks, sometimes months. This is certainly the case with Halley's Comet, which I remember seeing on a wonderful clear morning (~4am) in March 1986, while on a school hiking expedition in the Victorian high country near Mt Bogong.  The viewing … Continue reading Why research is important

Why I write fantasy

Literary agent Rachelle Gardner recently ran a readership poll on her extremely popular blog and has now published the results. Of particular interest to me (and her, as it turns out) is that 26% of writerly survey respondents write science-fiction/fantasy (SFF), making it the most popular represented genre. The next most popular was general/'non-genre' fiction (21%), followed … Continue reading Why I write fantasy

All hail the Interwebs

How did writers ever survive without the Interwebs? Its merits must surely rank a thousand-fold -- but there is one in particular that has inspired today's post. Research. Back in the pre-Internet days, writers must have spent a cursed lot of time in libraries, or writing letters to people to inquire about areas of specialist … Continue reading All hail the Interwebs