Book launch: Grave Touched ~ Erin Zarro

Today I'm joined by indie author Erin Zarro to celebrate the launch of her second urban fantasy/science fiction novel, Grave Touched, which is the sequel to Fey Touched; both are published by Turtleduck Press. Grave Touched is officially launched Friday 1 May 2015. BLURB Grave Touched ~ Erin Zarro Fey Touched – humans, genetically engineered … Continue reading Book launch: Grave Touched ~ Erin Zarro

In the Dream’verse with KD Sarge

One of the more memorable books I read last year was Knight Errant by KD Sarge, published by Turtleduck Press. It's part of Sarge's science fictional Dream'verse series, and the first of three books featuring her engaging heroes, Taro and Rafe. (My brief thoughts on all three here.) The second of the Taro/Rafe books is … Continue reading In the Dream’verse with KD Sarge

Hmm, what shall I read this year?

Every so often discussions about "white straight male privilege" cross my radar and I once again find myself examining my own assumptions and practices. Most recently, the following blog post appeared in my facebook feed and resonated with me: I Challenge You to Stop Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors for One Year (For the … Continue reading Hmm, what shall I read this year?

Reading highlights from 2014

At the beginning of 2014 one of my goals was to read more books. Indeed, I've been setting this (very vague) annual goal the past few years, because my reading habits were deteriorating to the point of being embarrassing. And I really missed the joy that comes from complete immersion in a novel. So after … Continue reading Reading highlights from 2014

What I read in December

Yet again, I read a fair few books in December. In fact, I've become somewhat addicted to nose-in-kindle and am at the point where I get a little agitated if I try to take a break. Seriously. I wasn't joking in my last post when I said I'd spent every day since Christmas on the … Continue reading What I read in December

What I read in November

Here's my wrap up of books read in November... One for the money - Janet Evanovich This is the mega best-selling first novel in Janet Evanovich's widely acclaimed Stephanie Plum crime series, which is now up to book #21 or something... I've been intrigued to read it for a while, and was thrilled when one … Continue reading What I read in November

October reading: lots and lots

I've been reading a lot lately. I think it's been in reaction to an increase in workload, which has left me clambering for the best kind of immersive entertainment I know. Novels. Lots and lots of novels. And now, not for the first time in my life, I'm addicted. (Possibly obsessed.) In October I read … Continue reading October reading: lots and lots

An old habit, and possibly a weird one

Here's something I don't do much anymore. Not since I became addicted to downloading ebooks to my kindle. But it turns out I do still sometimes purchase treebooks... In such cases, out comes my good old (enormous) roll of 'contact'. I've been covering my fantasy paperbacks in transparent 'contact' (also known as sticky-backed plastic) for … Continue reading An old habit, and possibly a weird one

Reading highlights – August and September

I have two months worth of books to reflect upon today, because somehow I missed my August post. But I'll try not to go on about all of them and just present the highlights package. (That'll mean ignoring any books I might have happened to re-read... of which there were four.) AUGUST Hindsight - Sarah … Continue reading Reading highlights – August and September

Relaunched — Unwrapped Sky by Rjurik Davidson

I’m reblogging this post I recently wrote for my writing group’s website. It’s always so great to see friends get novels published, and this is a big one from Tor books.


More celebrations for Supernova member Rjurik Davidson, whose debut fantasy novel Unwrapped Sky finally got its Melbourne launch last night at Readings bookshop in Carlton. The novel came out globally in April this year, but since Rjurik was based in Europe at the time, the occasion was not suitably marked by family, friends and fans here in Australia. BANG THE DRUM!

rjurik launch2

The book was relaunched by Jeff Sparrow, editor of literary journal Overland, who interviewed Rjurik about themes of politics and revolution in fantasy (which, unsurprisingly, are the themes of Rjurik’s trilogy).

Unwrapped-Sky-195x300Unwrapped Sky

Caeli-Amur: an ancient city perched on white cliffs overlooking the sea; a city ruled by three Houses, fighting internecine wars; a city which harbours ancient technology and hidden mysteries. But things are changing in Caeli-Amur. Ancient minotaurs arrive for the traditional Festival of the Sun. The slightly built New-Men bring their technology from their…

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