Journal ~ update on words, books, journeying

Words... In the last several months I haven't talked too much (in fact, at all) about the novel revision I'm (still) working on. This is because it's taken me a while to conquer 'the middle section', which has been nipped and tucked and rearranged and tweaked... and then some more... I've been enjoying myself, though. … Continue reading Journal ~ update on words, books, journeying

Journal ~ Lying on the couch doing nothing (and why it’s important)

I am lying on the couch doing nothing. At least, I was before the urge to tell everyone about my state of nothingness rose to the fore and I grabbed my computer out of the bag that’s never too far from my side. Nothing. Mulling. Daydreaming. Writing in my head. This is one of the … Continue reading Journal ~ Lying on the couch doing nothing (and why it’s important)

Sunday Journal: Progress and the career juggling act

Last time I checked in for Sunday (er, Monday) Journal I was tearing my hair out, but the past month has been looking up. Reasonable progress on my novel revision, another TWO weekend retreats to Phillip Island... a bit too much 'dayjob' work though. On the writing front, I've spent a fair deal of time … Continue reading Sunday Journal: Progress and the career juggling act

Monday Journal: Revision rumblings

I talk a lot about how much I enjoy the novel revision process. And I really do. I love building the story up and out and working in the detail, weaving the strands together, making them sing. As with nailing a well-tuned harmony, there's a thrill in getting it right. But... sometimes it can be … Continue reading Monday Journal: Revision rumblings

Sunday journal ~ time out at Phillip Island

Winter sun. Wind. Waves. Words. Phillip Island in winter is quiet, serene, beautiful. With the blessing of a clear weekend, I hightailed down to the island this past weekend for some much-needed R&R and time alone with my WIP. It turned out to be one of the most relaxing and joyous weekends I've ever spent … Continue reading Sunday journal ~ time out at Phillip Island

Sunday journal ~ Infinite possibilities (Oh, my!)

Inspired. Energised. A wee bit daunted. That's how I feel right now. It's been one of those weekends. A fabulous weekend -- don't mistake me. But my mind is now spinning like a wind wheel. Bright and shiny? Yes. But spinning oh so very fast. The weekend started with a most satisfactory cafe writing session, … Continue reading Sunday journal ~ Infinite possibilities (Oh, my!)

Sunday journal ~ push and shove

Gosh, another month has passed already... it's been a busy one. I'm still juggling creative endeavours with paid freelance and contracting work -- but as the latter gains momentum, the whole balance is becoming trickier. Business momentum is good -- yay! Displacement of writing time is not -- meh... I'm longing for a writing retreat … Continue reading Sunday journal ~ push and shove

Lucky Seven – snippet from the WIP

Today I bring you a very short snippet from my work in progress, courtesy of the Lucky Seven game. I've been tagged by Liv Rancourt, who posted a snippet from her quarterfinal entry in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award -- Hell... The Story. Mine is still very much a work in progress, unpolished and raw. … Continue reading Lucky Seven – snippet from the WIP

Sunday Journal ~ life balance, new website and a book launch

Work on my novel revision has been coming along well during the past month. I'm still spending lots of time working on 'creative endeavours' in cafes, and still very much enjoying myself. I have a routine that's not a routine -- that is, it changes from day to day, but there's a certain modular regularity … Continue reading Sunday Journal ~ life balance, new website and a book launch

Sunday journal ~ the other client

I've been writing steadily over the past two weeks. That is, I've been putting in a couple of hours most days, mostly in cafes. I've been treating 'creative endeavours' (including 'cafe writing') as another client in this new freelance/self-employed life of mine; another client with its own timesheet category. Not only does this log the … Continue reading Sunday journal ~ the other client