Journal ~ update on words, books, journeying


In the last several months I haven’t talked too much (in fact, at all) about the novel revision I’m (still) working on. This is because it’s taken me a while to conquer ‘the middle section’, which has been nipped and tucked and rearranged and tweaked… and then some more…

I’ve been enjoying myself, though. Aside from the sense of time tick-ticking by too fast, I’ve been working steadily and regularly (mostly in cafes) and making things better. It’s now structured in 5 acts, which feels right, and I’ve finally reached the end of what is now the third (middle and longest) act.

This leaves me poised at the start of the run to the end. Which (of course) I’m looking at pretty much rewriting, because the first draft was too complicated and long and bloated. So I’m currently in a brainstorming and mulling and planning phase. Lots of notes.

Gee, I’m looking forward to the time I can get things more right the first time.


I’m not blogging all my reading this year, but I haven’t stopped. In fact, I’ve read about 60 books since the start of January, some of them novellas, some re-reads, but mostly not. (OMG)

When I was kid I used to read a lot, but there were parental controls back then… I wasn’t allowed to read all day on the weekend, or all night, or during classes at school (even if I sometimes pushed the boundaries). Now I have no one to regulate me.

So… reading on the weekend when I’m supposed to be vacuuming (or something) is fair game. As is reading until 6am. And even reading during the work day if I don’t have too much to do. (The joys of a flexible self-employed lifestyle.)

It’s got to the point where I’m now trying to wean myself off reading. Yep. Ironic to say the least. Sometimes I wonder why I can’t do things by halves.


The other major focus of the last few months has been planning my imminent trip to Mongolia. It’s less than six weeks away now, and I’m suddenly wondering what I’ve forgotten… passport (check), visa (check), vaccinations (check), shewee (check), pen with light (on order), dry shampoo (still need to try that out).

After our initial practice trail ride some weeks ago, we were intending to fit in another, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to work out. No matter. We figure what will be, will be. How much more ‘prepared’ would a single ride make us anyway?

However, I have started Pilates in the past few weeks, with a focus on strengthening the muscles I’ll need for horse riding: core, inner thighs, glutes etc. Pilates is waaaay more technical than I ever realised, but I think it’s going to be great if today’s session is anything to go by. I am so looking forward to this trip.

And… that’s a quick wrap of where things are at in my world.

5 thoughts on “Journal ~ update on words, books, journeying

  1. Not like I’m any kind of authority, but I would think you’d get more benefit from doing Pilates than another horse ride. At least with Pilates you can more easily do multiple sessions.

    I totally hear you about wanting to wean oneself off a particular leisure activity. I need to do that with video games. I’ll probably always like and appreciate them, but I could definitely put some of the time I spend on them to better use.

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    1. Yes, my reasoning exactly re the Pilates. As for the reading… I can well imagine it being like gaming, although I’ve never been a gamer. But I can imagine a similar twitchiness at not playing/reading!

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