What of handwriting?

As the disgorging of content from my parents' house continues, I've recently been presented with a large folder of school memorabilia -- including ALL my school reports, good work certificates, several notable assignments, an abundance of early childhood creative writings (which I may share in some other post), even a maths exam and some science … Continue reading What of handwriting?

Right, now where was I?

It's remarkable how quickly one can fall out of the habit of writing every day. It's been almost two months since I worked on my current novel -- mainly due to travel and stuff -- and it would be very easy to drift along past Christmas without delving back into it. But with so many … Continue reading Right, now where was I?

Fantasy and the Fast Diet

Today I ate just 500 calories' worth of food. I've decided to try out 'The Fast Diet' and today was my first fasting day. The Fast Diet seems to be all the rage just now. Check out the web site for the full deal, but in essence it involves fasting for two days in the week, … Continue reading Fantasy and the Fast Diet

This makes my brain freeze

Here's something you may or may not know about me. I hate doing anything on the fly. The moment someone plonks me into a situation I hadn't anticipated, especially if I'm supposed to look and sound competent, my brain freezes and I become incoherent. Example - Our choir leader decides to make us sing an … Continue reading This makes my brain freeze

Blast from the past: specimens and notebooks

Another thing I came across on the weekend while sorting through storage boxes was all my old thesis stuff. Two boxes, filled with notebooks, log books, specimens, and negatives.   So many negatives. Remember them? Much of my thesis involved looking at tiny bits of steel under electron microscopes and I have the photos to … Continue reading Blast from the past: specimens and notebooks

Identify what’s important and make time

In this life there are always things we want to do, and things we have to do. Then there are the things we should do... All this has me writing really long to-do lists, at which I often stare perplexedly trying to decide which item to tackle first. Sometimes it's a challenge to figure out … Continue reading Identify what’s important and make time

Your stories matter

There are many days as a writer when all I do is question myself. Is this novel any good? Do I have any talent at all? Should I just give up the whole writing thing as a bad idea? Who would actually bother reading anything I've written? Do I really want to add to all … Continue reading Your stories matter

Oh, to be a bookworm again

My 10 year-old niece rang me this morning, all excited, to tell me she had won a top reading award at her school. Basically, they get points for the books they read, the harder books accruing more points and so forth. She's accumulated more points than anyone else in her school, and so was the … Continue reading Oh, to be a bookworm again

How DISC informs my ‘Creative’ writing process

Last year sometime I had occasion to undergo a DISC behaviour assessment during a professional development course. It's one of many such psych tests commonly used by organisations to develop (and sometimes screen) employees. They're fascinating things. Anyway, I was thrilled to discover that according to the DISC assessment I am a 'Creative'. "Huzzah!" thought … Continue reading How DISC informs my ‘Creative’ writing process