Heading to San Diego

Today I’m boarding a flight to San Diego USA to attend my first World Fantasy Convention. Exciting!

It feels rather indulgent to be taking a trip halfway around the world simply to hobnob with other genre writers and industry professionals, but I know it will be a worthwhile experience. There will be plenty of people to meet, experts to listen to and learn from, topics to discuss — and I may even get to see a little of San Diego.

Having attended a couple of World Science Fiction Conventions in my hometown of Melbourne (1999 and 2010), I’ve long wanted to experience World Fantasy. This year it all came together because I have friends who are attending, and they happened to mention it early this year right after I’d quit my job, when it seemed like I could do anything and prioritising my writing career was high on the list. So I went home and booked my convention membership (a good thing too, because it sold out a few days later!).

It all looks fabulous — the guests of honour, the schedule, the venue . . . everything. Can’t wait.



  1. Can’t wait to read the reviews! It would have been wonderful. I’m so pleased you had the courage to do it, and hopefully you made some important contacts too! 🙂


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