Wikirandom flash fiction challenge returns!

And now for something a little different... It's time once again for that most fun of flash fiction competitions -- the Wikirandom writing challenge. It's not really my turn to host, but Laird Sapir is swamped and so has passed the baton on... So I'll keep this short and sweet and get right to it! … Continue reading Wikirandom flash fiction challenge returns!

Wikirandom winner!

Last Monday I launched the April Wikirandom 3-sentence writers challenge and visitors to this blog have had five days to channel their inner flash-fiction self and come up with an entry to impress me. It's been such a blast! We've had 15 entries inspired by the prompt 'wooden wings' and I've thoroughly enjoyed reading them … Continue reading Wikirandom winner!

Wikirandom Writers Challenge – April

And now for a bit of fun and creative engagement! As mentioned a couple of weeks ago, it's my privilege to host the April Wikirandom Writers Challenge, created in February by the Shabby-Chic and Sarcastic Laird Sapir. Thanks to the talented Sara Walpert Foster for passing the baton onto me after the March Challenge. The … Continue reading Wikirandom Writers Challenge – April

Spreading blog love

A quick post to acknowledge two things that happened in my blog world this week: WikiRandom Writers Challenge A creation of the irrepressible Laird Sapir, the WikiRandom Writers Challenge is a flashfiction competition involving the creation of a three-sentence story using a phrase generated by hitting the Wikipedia random button. Sara Walpert Foster won the … Continue reading Spreading blog love