Wikirandom flash fiction challenge returns!

And now for something a little different… It’s time once again for that most fun of flash fiction competitions — the Wikirandom writing challenge.

It’s not really my turn to host, but Laird Sapir is swamped and so has passed the baton on… So I’ll keep this short and sweet and get right to it!

The Wikirandom Challenge basically involves writing a 3-sentence piece of flash fiction incorporating a phrase I’ve picked out after hitting Wikipedia’s ‘random article’ button. Fun, huh?

The Rules: You must use the prompt in a sentence. Post your three-sentence story below in the comments area by the end of Friday 19 October. (If you’re in Australia, you have until Saturday afternoon…). I will announce the winner next Saturday 20 October.

The Prompt: songs brought the struggle

I last hosted this challenge back in April and loved reading all the responses. (Judging the winner was hard though!) I hope some of you have time to participate this time around. Looking forward to it!

14 thoughts on “Wikirandom flash fiction challenge returns!

  1. I’ll play! Here goes:

    Lucy hadn’t had a moments peace since she was released, until now when she was driving on this clear sunny day with the top down and the windows open, while riding the wind with her left hand and steering her red Honda Civic with her right. She had almost forgotten what she went through to get to this day, but none of it mattered now that she was free. With her eyes on the blue sky ahead, she cranked up the radio to sing, but hearing Phil Collins brought her back to Earth because, to her, it didn’t matter what he sang, his songs brought the struggle of losing her brother and her sanity to the surface just 1 short year ago.


  2. When the shy seven-footer with shoulders wide as two linds smiled, bold dimples took possession of the lower region of his face. Villagers clamored to gaze at the Viking from Löfötön Island of Vestvågøy, who but yesterday led his brave men into bloody hell to free them from the tyrannous Herfiligr. Söng swiped brusquely at his eyes as the people began to chant in unified exaltation, “Söng’s brought the struggle of our people to an end!”


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