Wikirandom winner!

Last Monday I launched the April Wikirandom 3-sentence writers challenge and visitors to this blog have had five days to channel their inner flash-fiction self and come up with an entry to impress me.

It’s been such a blast! We’ve had 15 entries inspired by the prompt ‘wooden wings’ and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading them all. There’s been humour, death, discoveries, breaks for freedom and more besides.

It’s amazing how much can be achieved in three sentences — I was really impressed by how many entries made me feel something and how many transported me instantly into a distinct place.

In choosing a winner, I was also looking for a couple of distinct things: 1) a sense of a story with a beginning, middle and an end, 2) imaginative interpretation of the prompt.


And the winner is Jodi Lea Stewart!

Jodi wrote:

The ice-cold water pricked his skin like a million needles seeking revenge. He struggled against his fate, feeling the morbid suction of the bottomless ocean welcoming him to an eternity of subterranean solitude. His fingers grasped uselessly for his earthy life as his mouth, that traitorous orifice, released his last gurgle of exquisite air into the melody of currents softly escorting him to his watery cradle amongst the wooden wings of the angelic figurehead of the wrecked bow.

This entry stood out for me on all counts mentioned above. Congratulations, Jodi!

I’d also like to shout-out to Kim Griffin’s 11-year old daughter, who showed budding promise as a poet with the entry:

The boy sat in his room
carving wooden wings
to remind himself to fly free.

Judging from the ensuing comments, her entry impressed more than just me.

So there you have it. Thanks to everybody who participated in this extremely fun event created by Laird Sapir, which I hope will continue to gather momentum.

Over to Jodi for the May challenge, which I’m extremely looking forward to!

13 thoughts on “Wikirandom winner!

  1. Congrats Jodi! Great entry!

    Ellen ~ Thanks so much for the shout out to my daughter. Her face was beaming when I read it to her! I appreciate that 🙂


  2. Honestly, I almost fell out of my chair when I slooooowly rolled down to see who the winner was. Me? Oh-my-gosh! Truly, I’m amazed and grateful. All the entries were so creative, I clicked in and read each one over and over this past week. Each time, I felt like writing something. Those little jewels are wonderful writing prompts, as well as flash-fiction art!

    Such a mass of collective talent in our WANA112 group (and in our children, too).*applauding Kim’s daughter* I’m so proud to be part of WANA112.

    Thank you, Host Ellen, and thank you, Laird, for this fun opportunity to share with each other.

    I’m thrilled to be the next host of WickiRandom, and I promise to set your seething, boiling, energy-packed writer minds on a journey. Stay tuned!


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