Eona launch at Glenfern

Today I attended the launch of Eona by the lovely Alison Goodman. It’s the sequel to fantasy epic Eon, a tale of dragons and power and imperial politics set in a fantasy land inspired by medieval Chinese and Japanese mythologies.

I’m actually reading Eon (also known as The Two Pearls of Wisdom) at the moment, and can’t wait to sink my teeth into the sequel. I’ll have to wait, though . . . Eona is being published as The Necklace of the Gods in the UK, and I’ve decided to order that version instead. Except it isn’t out in that version for another 50 days! Oh, the pain we suffer to obtain a pseudo matching set (unfortunately, there will be no version that exactly matches my version of ‘Two Pearls’). 

The launch took place at the Victorian Gothic mansion Glenfern, a National Trust property in East St Kilda, now a Centre for Arts and Culture that is home to a resident Team of Pianists and nine Writers’ Studios, run by the Victorian Writers’ Centre. It’s a mansion I’ve driven past many times, always wondeirng what’s in there. And now I know! A brilliant venue for a book launch. Congratulations to Alison and I have no doubt Eona will go great guns.

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