Mongolia journal ~ 1 First impressions

It's over a year since my Mongolian adventure, and I haven't got near all the blog posts I was going to write. Thank goodness I kept a daily journal, or I'd have forgotten so much already. I always intended to write themed posts about my experiences, rather than simply transcribing my journal. But... I've left … Continue reading Mongolia journal ~ 1 First impressions

The treacherous footpaths of Ulaan Bataar

Before I went to Mongolia, my aunt said to take a torch. Well, doh! I'm camping... "No, not for the camping. For the footpaths in Ulaan Bataar. They're really dangerous at night! You could hurt yourself." I thought, yeah, right. But, well... Ulaan Bataar is many things. Well-maintained is not one of them. We spent … Continue reading The treacherous footpaths of Ulaan Bataar