Over at Liv Rancourt’s blog

There’s lots of blog love going around in my world at the moment. Just as I hosted S.M. Nonnemacher here on Friday, so have I appeared as a guest over on Liv Rancourt‘s blog.

Liv, who is a Seattle-based author of speculative fiction, asked me to share some insights on what it’s like to live in Melbourne — which was last year named the world’s most livable city by The Economist.

I was delighted to share my thoughts as to why we might have received this accolade. Naturally I feel it has much to do with… coffee.

Read the post here.

4 thoughts on “Over at Liv Rancourt’s blog

  1. It was a great post Ellen – I’d couldn’t get over the thought that we might actually be spoilt here in the major cities in Australia. It explains why I see so many references to Startbucks. I’ve only ever been to one in an airport somewhere and I’d rather go without coffee than drink that again.


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