WIP Wednesday: Lucky 7 Meme

Inspired┬áby what might have been a throwaway comment on facebook by Alvarado Frazier, I thought I'd launch a series called WIP Wednesday, when I post on aspects of my Work in Progress. I'm not sure how it's going to go, or what exactly I'll write about from week to week, but it'll be reflective of … Continue reading WIP Wednesday: Lucky 7 Meme

Friday with Friends: Julie Kenner/ J.K. Beck

Today I'm absolutely stoked to have best-selling author Julie Kenner (who also publishes as J.K. Beck) as my 'Friday friend'. Julie is perhaps best known for her Demon-Hunting Soccer Mom series, the first of which, Carpe Demon, is currently being made into a movie. (See below for her full bio.) Julie shares some of her … Continue reading Friday with Friends: Julie Kenner/ J.K. Beck