Endurance: Ring of Brodgar

About ten years ago I visited Scotland for the second time. I took a six day small group tour right around the country, which included a day in the Orkney Isles.

The neolithic village of Skara Brae still has to be one of the most remarkable sites I’ve ever visited. Talk about endurance. The remains of Skara Brae have been around for thousands of years, since about 2500 BC.

But today’s feature photo is from the Ring of Brodgar, which is near Skara Brae. Today, 27 stones remain of the 103.6m diameter ring, which dates from 2500-2000 BC. The photo was taken on film and scanned to digital — but it hasn’t come out too badly.

I love this week’s photo challenge theme of endurance. The first thing that sprang to mind was the fabulous Roman aqueduct in Segovia, Spain…

segovia - aqueduct

But since I’ve already featured this in three posts (now four) I figured I had better come up with something else. The aqueduct will always be seriously awesome, though.

But so too is the Ring of Brodgar.

And given events this week, with the Scottish referendum and all, it seems fitting.

7 thoughts on “Endurance: Ring of Brodgar

    1. It’s exactly the same for me!! This theme has me bursting at the seams with prospects. so many that there’s a small chance I may do another one. There’s a story or two I want to tell too.

      But yes, I was happy to come up with a Scottish contribution for this week. 🙂


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