Botticelli’s Venus

Today I am blogging to a theme, along with several other bloggers I know. We’re going to try posting to a common theme as a regular Friday thing, and are hoping to inspire others to join in. Today’s theme is:

Share a favourite or inspiring piece of art

And I have chosen Sandro Botticelli’s famous painting, La nascita di Venere (The Birth of Venus) from 1486.


I love all Botticelli’s paintings — ever since I first saw them in Florence’s Uffizi Gallery many years ago. I can still remember the breathless wonder with which I simply sat in the Botticelli room. Sat and stared and felt.

They are so beautiful. How I would love to have one on my wall.

Here’s a detail of Venus. Even a digital reproduction on this blog takes my breath away.


How could you not be inspired by that?

Check out some of the other contributions to today’s theme:

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I’ll update further links as they come to hand.

We’ll be tweeting to #wanafriday and tagging blog posts wanafriday as well. If you care to play too, please post your link in the comments and I’ll update the post. Or just join in!

Images courtesy of Wikimedia commons.

27 thoughts on “Botticelli’s Venus

  1. So we both chose Venus – interesting 🙂
    I, too, love the way artists are able to include so much detail, each of it significant, but never detracting from the whole view.


  2. Lovely Renaissance painting. If I had known you all were posting on favorite art, I probably would have joined in but I already posted today. Maybe next week I’ll check out the theme. The freaky thing is that when I saw your Facebook announcing writers would post on their favorite art, my first choice was of Franz Marc, Rabia’s choice. Crazy. My second choice would be Paul Gauguin’s White Horse.


    1. Sorry you missed it, Cora! But definitely check out next Friday’s theme — which is to share a book you can read over and over again without getting bored, and tell us why. 🙂


    1. Yeah, I remember just sitting on the bench seat in the middle of the room, surrounded by all those amazing paintings, for about half an hour. In fact (dives back into travel journal from 1994) I described it as “fantastic, brilliant, marvellous”. Heh.


  3. As it happens, we looked at this piece in the Art Appreciation class I just finished taking this past semester. The teacher also showed us different remixes of it that people had done, using characters from Spongebob Squarepants and the Smurfs, because he’s quirky like that. While I’ll admit the Spongebob version holds a certain allure, it can’t compare to the original, of course 😉


      1. Yeah, the class fulfilled one of the requirements for the Associate of Science degree I’m currently working on. It was a pretty fun class, and it’s cool that they expose us to things besides Science!!! all the time.


  4. No piensan que es sinónimo de la chaqueta abajo hinchado, de hecho, si elegimos la chaqueta del estilo de la derecha, también puedes ganar modelado de la moda de invierno, apuesto joven se desmayó modelo del leopardo, añadir color a la corte simple, en el frío invierno, o de otra caliente también Cold Spring es tan dinámico.


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