Pattern: The gardens of Chateau Villandry

I wasn’t gonna, but at the last minute I can’t resist. I’m becoming a little addicted to the weekly photo challenge.

This week’s theme is PATTERN and the following photo is of the gardens in Chateau Villandry in the Loire Valley, France. I took this in October 2010 on my basic Canon Sureshot (and I’ve cropped it).

chateau villandry, loire valley

I really like the colours in this photo — and it’s not retouched (I wouldn’t know how). Note the pumpkins!

We cycled to the chateau from Tours, and it was my first time on a bicycle in a great many years. I couldn’t believe how uncoordinated I was — I think I nearly fell off a few times.

And I haven’t been on a bike since!

12 thoughts on “Pattern: The gardens of Chateau Villandry

  1. That’s a great picture!

    I haven’t been on a bike in *thinks* seventeen years or so. I know they say you never forget how to ride one, but I’m not so sure about that…


  2. I biked in Florence, Italy, and it was a challenge. We “toured” the city with a guide for three hours and saw sights we would have missed otherwise. But I was ready to get off that bike after three hours! I would do it again, though, if (when) I have the chance.
    I like the photo challenge idea. I’ll check it out.


    1. I’ve always thought cycling would be a wonderful way of seeing a country — I love the idea of cycling from village to village in Europe where they’re all so close together.

      The photo challenges are great fun, Janice. If you subscribe to the WordPress Daily Post blog you’ll get all the prompts.


    1. Thanks, Tami — It was an amazing day. We only spent that one day on the bike, though; probably a good thing, given my performance. But I do think a bike tour through France would be fabulous (once I’d practised more!). Tour de France, anyone?


  3. I love this picture and I can relate to your bike experience. Last week I used the photo challenge: above to share my anxiety about the first bike share program rolling out in NYC later this month. 🙂 You may have felt a little uncoordinated on that bike, but clearly it was worth it; to be able to visit such a lovely spot. Thanks for sharing your picture and your experience.


    1. You’re right — it was definitely worth it. There’s something about seeing the world pass by from the seat of a bike. The Loire Valley is beautiful and Chateau Villandry a gorgeous spot. Thanks for your kind words re the photo!


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