Floating away ~ an evening of folk song

It's the Port Fairy Folk Festival this weekend and I'm not there. (cue sad face) But one of the good things about the Port Fairy Folk Festival is that some of the international -- and indeed local -- musicians also perform gigs in Melbourne. Yay! A few days ago I was lucky enough to see … Continue reading Floating away ~ an evening of folk song

ONCE – The stage musical

Imagine two musicians (a guy and a girl), who just met while he was busking on a Dublin street, now hanging out in a musical instrument shop so they can use a piano, playing one of his original songs together for the first time. She's vocally harmonising and adding piano to his guitar on the … Continue reading ONCE – The stage musical

Songweaving on retreat

I've said this before and I'll say it again: my creativity well needs refilling on a regular basis. Sometimes it's easy to focus on producing all the time -- more words, more efficiency, more discipline, more more more. It's easy to forget to stop and reflect and breathe in life, embrace experiences, learn new things. … Continue reading Songweaving on retreat

Martha Tilston’s take on Wall Street

For those not familiar with folk music, it might be easy to assume that today's folk scene is entirely comprised of ancient dances and story ballads. Men and women in weird costumes jigging to the jolly sounds of fiddles and tin whistles... or the minstrel in the corner strumming a guitar and singing about the … Continue reading Martha Tilston’s take on Wall Street