Martha Tilston’s take on Wall Street

For those not familiar with folk music, it might be easy to assume that today’s folk scene is entirely comprised of ancient dances and story ballads. Men and women in weird costumes jigging to the jolly sounds of fiddles and tin whistles… or the minstrel in the corner strumming a guitar and singing about the trials and tribulations of Tam Lin — right?

Well, yes… in part.

Don’t get me wrong, I love that stuff. (Maybe not the weird costumes.) But most contemporary folk musicians write their own songs and music. The need to tell stories and comment on social and political issues has not dwindled with time, and rare is the serious musician who performs entirely covers! They might embrace the traditional tunes and keep a few on their set list, but they’re certainly here to convey their own words, from the heart, to the audience.

The ‘clip’ below is from one of my favourites, UK songwriter Martha Tilston.

According to You Tube: A song inspired by people gathered down Wall Street, asking peacefully where does the money flow from, and who does it go to. The only true futures market is our children, and the planet they live on.



6 thoughts on “Martha Tilston’s take on Wall Street

  1. Ellen,

    Wow, what a beautiful, emotive song.

    I confess, when someone mentions folk music, Elyse Keaton (Meredith Baxter) of Family Ties, strumming her guitar and thanking Woody Guthrie pops in my head.


  2. I like folk music anyway, so thanks for introducing me ( a UK resident) to a UK folk singer I’d not heard before (or not knowingly) great lyrics – interesting voice. I was also, for a time before injury stopped me, one of those ‘ancient dancers’ (that is the dance not me!) as part of Wreckers Morris a Border Morris group here in Cornwall.


    1. Hi Ann – yes, check her out! My other UK favourite is Pete Morton, and another I like (but haven’t seen live) is Kate Rusby.

      I’d love to try Morris dancing (or similar) – I looked into it a few years ago to see whether there was a casual group locally. It looks like a fun way of doing exercise.


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