A new cafe is always good

FEEDING THE MUSEThere’s a new cafe just opened in my local shopping strip (like, yesterday), and today I got to check it out for its “office” potential.

I didn’t have time to linger and write or anything, being somewhat under the pump with work this week; but I’ve established I am far more productive overall if I get out of the house on any given day. I swear this is not simply a rationalisation of my need for someone else to cook me eggs and make me coffee (although there’s a teeny part of that). I seriously need the fresh air and (today, at least) sunshine and a good half hour (15 minutes each way) of walking. Besides, today I also needed to pick up some milk and groceries for dinner.

So. Today. New cafe. πŸ™‚

The good

It has WiFi. In fact my phone automatically connected, because it’s the same network as that maintained by the previous restaurant. This makes it a good option for those days when the work stuff keeps encroaching and internet helps.

It is large. This is important if I’m going to hang about for hours, so I don’t feel as though I’m taking up a table. Mid-week it should be good. And it has bench style seating along one of the walls, which is the section I’ll be heading for next time (to join the guys already ensconced with their MacBooks).

The staff are really friendly (and I think they might be hipsters). Anyway, they’re keen and enthusiastic, so I get the feeling they’ll be happy to have some regulars hang out with computers.

On the other hand…

It’s noisy, what with the polished concrete floors and all. The overall vibe is OK, but it is only day 2 so it may improve. I think the venue is a bit sterile and boxy for me to be truly relaxed.

The menu is fairly limited. Again, they may be starting easy with the view to expand. It has breakfast (eggs) served until 3pm, which isn’t too bad. I ended up ordering a simple poached eggs with mushrooms (which was very nice), but I’ll be looking for the menu to diversify or I’ll be getting really bored. What is there is pretty classy though (just not so much for me), and they make a point of mentioning free range, local produce etc, which is a big tick.

The coffee

The coffee was good, if not my favourite coffee in the area. This is not a comment on its quality, more my personal taste. (There is a difference.) I’m certainly very happy to drink it — although hope they get large cups soon. There was latte art too, which is fairly essential in my area these days!

The verdict

I can see this new cafe being a good option for when I feel like a change of scene from my usual writing cafe — or when I think I’m going to need WiFi. Sometimes, when I get busy, I do hit a cafe to work, simply because I get sick of being home all the time.

But I don’t think it will be supplanting my “happy place” cafe anytime soon. Still, it’s nice to have yet another option.

10 thoughts on “A new cafe is always good

  1. You’re inspiring me…
    Actually, I’ve been complaining that my laptop is too slow, and I can’t tell if it’s a computer problem or a WiFi problem. I’d thought about taking it to a coffee shop to see if it works faster on someone else’s internet. Today might be the day!

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  2. It helps if the staff are friendly and keep on offering you more coffee. πŸ™‚

    I also work from home a lot of the time (in Sydney), but feel guilty if I go to a cafΓ© and work – it doesn’t feel like work. πŸ˜€ But I do pop out for a good coffee when I get cabin fever – we have a local up the road which makes a fairly good one, but doesn’t have the space for one to linger; however, there are many places in the CBD perfect for that. If I want to write creatively (as opposed for work), that’s where I like to go.


    1. But the fact it doesn’t feel like work in a cafe is one of the things I LIKE about it! I feel so lucky to be able to do that.

      As for friendly staff… I have them trained not to nag me too much in my usual cafe – to the point I have to try really hard to get their attention. But that’s OK.

      I never have found a CBD cafe with the right writing vibe for me — but I don’t spend too much time in the city.


  3. Choices are always good. Hopefully the new place does enough business that they can stick around a while and improve their offerings.

    I find I can get things done at home–provided I don’t let something else, such as my latest computer game obsession, distract me from getting started–but I also like to work on things in the library at school. I’m even thinking about checking out a couple of the local libraries in case I’d like to spend time there on days when I don’t have class.


    1. For me cafes provide an important disconnect between work and creative projects… I’ve tried libraries, but they’re a bit too quiet and lacking in coffee. πŸ˜‰

      I’d like to be able to write at home, but it’s not a happening thing at present. Maybe one day I’ll get back into the habit. In the meantime, I definitely welcome a new cafe option!


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