Musical flashback ~ Resident Alien ~ Spacehog

The other day I ransacked my long-neglected CD collection and came up with a pile of old favourites to play in the car. So, while I indulge in musical nostalgia, I’ve decided to share and briefly reminisce about the really good ones. My ultimate favourites. (Mostly from the 90s.)

This week’s musical flashback CD is Resident Alien from Spacehog, released in 1995.

resident alienThis album will always be synonymous with the truly wonderful hit single, In the Meantime.

The entire album is quirky and weird and awesome. My other favourite song is Shipwrecked and I’m also rather fond of Zeroes. But mostly it’s not about the individual songs; it’s the overall journey that is Resident Alien.

Have a listen to the album on Spotify.

The height of Resident Alien’s popularity was during my post graduate university years, a time when I listened to a lot of current music (unlike now). The 1990s was my music era.

Spacehog’s second and third albums were The Chinese Album and The Hogyssey… also fun. And now I’ve just discovered they reunited and released a fourth album in 2013 — As it is on Earth. Must go and listen to it.

If you too were once a Spacehog fan, take a trip back to a happy place. Otherwise, I hope you enjoy a new experience.

And I’d love to hear what you think.

8 thoughts on “Musical flashback ~ Resident Alien ~ Spacehog

  1. That was indeed quirky and weird…and pretty cool πŸ™‚

    That must’ve been a nice discovery that they’ve reunited and put out a new album recently. A lot of the bands I grew up listening to have been doing that in recent years and, more often than not, with amazing results. Hopefully Spacehog’s latest effort doesn’t skip a beat πŸ˜‰


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