Diary of a Devilcat: Worst Christmas ever

Instead of dreamy days in the sunshine, my Christmas involved pain and blood and terror.

There is this Bullycat, you see, who is trying to take over my garden. He’s mostly white, with bits of grey and black, and shaggy ears. Every day he can be found in my garden, mostly just passing through, his horrid bell jingling; but he has been known to curl up in the weeds and sleep (in my garden).

That Bullycat has got to go.

Every time I see him, I growl and hiss and try to drive him off. But he’s bigger and younger and fearless and I’ve been coming out second best.

He bit me a couple of days before Christmas. BIT me! OOWW.

I’ve never been bitten by another cat before. It’s really not fun. Aside from the fact it cursed well HURT, it got infected and swelled into an abscess. There was this great pussy lump on my rump, near my tail. Not that I could see it; but I could feel it aching and swelling. Then it burst.

Ellen noticed it on the day after Christmas and packed me off to the vet. We couldn’t go to our usual vet, it being a public holiday, so we went to 24/7 emergency instead. Bad enough to be in pain. Bad enough to be dragged to the vet, without going somewhere unfamiliar.

I did not behave well and they had to sedate me.

When I came to myself, I was home again. I dragged myself out of my carrier, but my legs wouldn’t work. I felt like an idiot lolling all over the floor with a shaved spot near my tail. And, blessed catgods, that thing still HURT. It throbbed and ached and I felt entirely miserable.

Then, after all the drama, Ellen wouldn’t let me outside for almost TWO WEEKS unless she supervised me. Out came the litter tray — disgusting — and she locked my cat-door. Can you imagine how boring and suffocating it is to be locked inside for that amount of time? No fresh air? No sunshine? No moths to chase or skinks to play with?

Every five minutes she was looking at the horrid wound, kept telling me how red and raw and gross it looked. (Like I needed to know that!)

Four days after we went to emergency, she took me to our local vet to get the revolting thing checked, make sure it was healing properly. Fortunately Dr Caroline said it was looking ‘good’ and she gave me a painkiller injection.

I pride myself in thinking I behaved pretty well at the vet this time. I might have growled a little, but I didn’t swipe Dr Caroline once.

It took ages, but finally yesterday Ellen decided the thing was healed enough and I was ready to venture outside again. It’s such a relief to have my freedom back, although I can’t help but be very wary about the Bullycat, who still keeps trespassing in my garden.

I’m ashamed to say I keep running away when I see the Bullycat. It’s pathetic, but I really don’t want to get bitten again.

So that was my crap Christmas period. How was yours?

7 thoughts on “Diary of a Devilcat: Worst Christmas ever

  1. Aeolyn wishes to pass on a purr and a rub to devil cat and hopes it’s a speedy recovery.
    She also suggests there’s nothing wrong with being an inside cat, away from the random changes in weather, surrounded by her servants ready to dote on her, and with plenty of windows to look out on her domain.


    1. Chenna acknowledges that it’s wonderful to have servants, which are of course her due. She tends to prefer big indoors most of the time — as long as it’s her choice. Confinement against her will is not so satisfactory. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. Poor Devil Cat,

    your human told our human who told us and you are spot on, bites on the rump from interlopers are NO FUN AT ALL! Our human is most puzzling though – sometimes she keeps us inside for days on end and none of us are injured! And then she disappears for days and when she comes back acts as if we’ve been imagining the whole thing. Still, we got a new scratching pad for Christmas and a water fountain but…none of us quite trusts it yet. Put it in the bowl, human, in the bowl!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for checking in, Sam & Zorro & Bello & Jessie
      (You have a very full house there!)

      My human sometimes disappears for days too, but she usually lets me go outside during that time. Although next time, maybe not… I guess we’ll see.

      A new scratching pad sounds good — I need one of them too.

      – Chenna


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