Apparently the WIP doesn’t suck too much

Today I’m blogging instead of writing in the cafe. I thought it was time for another practice post with the bluetooth keyboard.

I’ve spent time this week researching local sim options for my forthcoming trip, having decided to forgo mobile roaming costs — besides, I like the idea of having data access on my smart phone. Not only will it enable google maps access (imagine how useful when stumbling around a foreign town) and regular facebook updates, but it will also permit CAFE BLOGGING! Yesss.

In other news this week, a very kind friend offered to read my entire wip (which is 95% finished) over last weekend. Now, there are very few people I would entrust with the messy first draft in its current state, so this was an opportunity not to be missed. Amazingly, within 5 days I had feedback. And despite my conviction the thing is a mess, she said it isn’t really…

Not quite believing her, I sat down to read through her comments (yep, an annotated manuscript in 5 days) and found myself getting sucked into the story… Is that weird, getting sucked into one’s own story? I had forgotten a huge amount of the detail, and to my surprise it doesn’t suck as much as I expected, so I have to be happy with that!

I still need to write the end, of course, but that might have to wait until I return from my travels. A pity, because I REALLY wanted it finished before the WFC. Much better to have a finished ms under the belt at such a convention. Oh well.

It’s under 2 weeks until I leave now, so I’m VERY excited. I’ve worked out this keyboard is most effective if I don’t try to type too fast. And I think I’ve worked out the photo too. I think this is going to be a winner. Smart phone blogging, yeah!

How has your week been?

10 thoughts on “Apparently the WIP doesn’t suck too much

  1. I know how you feel – I always think my books suck, even after extensive revision. But I’m working on it. 😉

    Awesome about the keyboard. Technology is great. 😀


    1. I know, very lucky. there’s still a LOT of revision to do (once I finish it), and her feedback will really help with that. Mostly, though, I needed someone to tell me it didn’t suck. 🙂


  2. Of course your WIP doesn’t suck! I’m so happy for you that you feel that way, too. I hope the feedback your friend gave you gives you just the thing you’re needing to power through to The End.


  3. Maybe you’ll see/hear/experience something in your travels that will help the pieces fall together for your ending. Congrats on both the positive feedback & your own realization that it’s got some good bits. Can’t wait to get a peek at it myself…


    1. Heh, thanks, Liv. I’m sure travel will be enormously inspirational, especially for all the setting I’m going to layer in when I start revising! I am so looking forward to revising, but am holding myself on a tight rein to get to the end first!


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