Hungry cat

A very quick post today… Our Friday theme is: FUNNY — post a joke, a hilarious video, a lol-funny graphic.

I’m not sure the following video is hilarious, but ‘funny’ is not really my thing. Simon’s Cat is, however, and his animations always make me laugh. They remind me so much of my Devilcat.

This is one of the most recent animations, and involves the cat clambering all over Simon to get food. Definitely some Devilcat tendencies here!

There are exactly 30 Simon’s Cat videos on YouTube (as of today) and you can find them here. The first — Cat Man Do — is probably still my favourite.

You can check out the other funny stuff posted as part of #wanafriday on Twitter (join in if you care to!). Or check out the following blogs:

Do you have a cat? Is this behaviour familar?

20 thoughts on “Hungry cat

  1. Now see, the only difference in our house is that Woody starts the theatrics about an hour before dinner time, in case we forget he’s alive and is horribly hungry. It’s not so much fun at four in the morning, actually.


    1. Yeah, the Devilcat can start at anytime… I’m currently re-training myself not to give in, because it “reinforces bad behaviour” and makes her fat. But, yeah, 4am is no good. But nor is all afternoon when I’m trying to work! :-/


  2. My cats are like that over tuna. They’ll stop at nothing to get it. What they don’t seem to realize is that if they take me out in the process, they won’t get the tuna. šŸ˜‰


    1. I know, right? Cats can be so silly and non-strategic.
      The devilcat likes tuna too. It’s almost the only thing of mine she goes mad for. There’s no getting around it. I have to share.


  3. LOL! That was so funny! Just like my cat, Angel, who wrecks the counters, crashes into me and stands on my back ~ if I happen to bend over ~ when the food comes out.

    Thanks for the laugh šŸ™‚


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