Camp NaNoWriMo update — with Mr Tickle

As Camp NaNoWriMo hits the halfway mark, I too find myself at pretty much exactly half my target number of words for the month. That is: 12.5 out of 25K.

OK, I might have kept writing tonight until I reached that point, might even have thrown in an extra paragraph at the end to stack on those last 50 words, but who knows from where and when the little gems will come?

I’m finding Camp NaNo rather more civilised than November’s 50K real deal. Half the target is far more achievable and sustainable for me. It’s a much more comfortable pace, even if the writing itself isn’t much better. (But I’m not stressing about that while I’m in Messy First Draft phase.)

At this point, however, I don’t think I’m going to close out the novel in the remaining 12.5K words — as declared before Camp NaNo commenced. The options are therefore to 1) accept the MFD won’t be finished this month, or 2) write more words! Up the anti! Wordsling until my fingers fall off and my brain dribbles out my ears!

I’d like to go for option 2 (who needs fingers and a brain anyway?), but I do have a convention to attend in a week’s time, which might prove distracting… Nonetheless, let’s see how I go.

For inspiration, I’m going to throw in Mr Tickle!

I have long loved Mr Tickle, and find myself acquiring Mr Tickle merchandise from time to time — most recently the coolest coffee mug you ever saw. And then there’s this fantabulous cushion I’ve had for years (which sits in my line of vision every night as I tap away at this keyboard). And have you ever read the story of Mr Tickle and the dragon?

Mr Tickle is my inspiration of the week. He’s going to help me storm through to the end of this MFD and complete Camp NaNoWriMo. And if I falter, he’s going to… er, tickle me until I get there!

Yay for Mr Tickle. Who’s your favourite Mr Man?


13 thoughts on “Camp NaNoWriMo update — with Mr Tickle

  1. I remember Mr. Tickle ~ my kids used to watch the Mr. Man show. He’s adorable. As far as NaNo goes, bang out as much as you can ~ the 12.5k you have written so far is nothing to sneeze at! You can do this and remember something I saw on Facebook this morning from Myndi Shafer:


    1. Shoot! I wanted the pic to show up. It is a picture with a quote from Hemingway that says: “The first draft of anything is shit.”

      So keep plugging away.


  2. Congrats on the progress! I’m with you – push on through and sling those words onto the page. The more the better! You’ll be glad you did. Me and Mr. Tickle (and maybe Mike with his octopus pom-pons) will all be cheering you on as you hurtle yourself over the finish line. πŸ™‚


  3. Let ‘er rip! Put a gag and blindfold on your internal editor, gun the keyboard engines for take off, put your head down and type. You can do it, Ellen. We know you can! I’m right beside Tami, Mike, and Mr. Tickle cheering you on! πŸ™‚


    1. Really?! Oh wow, now I’ll have to rethink my perception of the universe. Here, the Mr Men are icons of childhood.

      Thanks for the encouragement ~ although, thinking about it, 12.5K sounds like such a small output in half a month! Still, at least it’s keeping me accountable. πŸ™‚


    1. Mike, I too am in shock. I think the Mr Men series originated in the UK, but they are VERY prevalent here in Aus. I doubt you’d find anyone of our generation who hasn’t heard of them (I’m kind of guessing here, but I think we’re of a similar gen). Kids today might have more to distract them, but I think they’re still very popular.

      I would have explained who Mr Tickle was, had I any idea he was a relative unknown in the US! πŸ™‚


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