The epiphany: a new perspective

I had a major epiphany while working on my WIP today. I suddenly saw a solution to several problems all at once, and it was utterly thrilling.

Very sadly, I was alone in the cafe at that point , my writing companion having disappeared temporarily for an appointment. I must’ve looked agitated, because the serving staff started apologising to me for making lots of noise as they rearranged tables for a group booking. (I think they’ve come to rather like the weird group of writers who camp out in their cafe all Saturday.) I daresay I might have had my hand clamped over my mouth, my eyes darting around wildly, as all the possibilities unfurled before my racing brain.

It was something as simple — and as significant — as a whole new viewpoint character.

I had previously ditched one of my two viewpoint characters (leaving me with just the one) because I wasn’t feeling the love. But it was troubling me how I was going to tell the other half of the story…

And then suddenly I realised I had this other character already there, ready and waiting for me to tell her story too, a story that will reflect my main character’s story perfectly. It both adds dimension and drives straight to the heart of my main storyline; it helps me show a whole heap of cultural worldbuilding stuff that I was trying to figure out how to cover. In a word, it’s perfect.

This really has been a most productive week for me — in more ways than one. There’s something in the water (or the coffee… or the wine!) at that cafe! Just had to share 🙂

10 thoughts on “The epiphany: a new perspective

  1. Yay! I LOVE story epiphanies! They are so satisfying, aren’t they? Even though it is after the fact, I’m celebrating with you as I raise my morning coffee to you in a toast. Here’s to productive writing weeks! Cheers!


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