Ideas in the night

Ever have one of those nights when your mind is churning churning churning as it nuts out a story?

And you turn the light out, because it’s time to sleep . . . but then you have another idea and although it feels like you’ll remember it in the morning, you know from experience that the chances are you probably won’t, so you switch the light on again and write it down. Then you flick the switch and snuggle down to sleep . . .

A few minutes later you have another key idea, and you chuckle wryly to yourself. Once more you throw back the covers, switch on the light, write it down.

The third time it happens, you lie there for a second and think maybe you really will remember it, because all this up and down is getting annoying. But then you switch the light on anyway.

When the next idea comes, not 2 minutes later, you start to wonder whether you should be sleeping with the light on, because this is getting ridiculous.

And it is ridiculous; but at least your mind is working and the story is getting somewhere, so you put up with the interruptions for as long as it takes, grateful for the series of epiphanies.

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