Let’s bring back the interrobang

interrobangEver since I discovered the existence, some years ago, of the punctuation mark known as the interrobang, I’ve been intensely captivated.

It’s basically a hybrid question and exclamation mark. I think it would be very useful for writing dialogue; but, after being invented in the 1960s, it has (alas) fallen out of favour. More info here.

Nonetheless, I did once sneak an interrobang into a manuscript to see whether anyone noticed… (Nope!)

Anyway, I was just now out to dinner and came across the following stuck to a wall:

interrobang festival


The Wheeler Centre is a reputable Melbourne writers centre. This event appears to be a bunch of panelists dealing with philosophical questions. Not that I care much. I just love the fact it’s bringing back the interrobang!

Example sentence using interrobang: “How the F%^K do you type an interrobang‽

(Answer: On a Mac, find it in the punctuation section of the “characters” menu (control-command-spacebar) and make it a favourite. On a PC, key in ALT 8253.)

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