Journal ~ Spitting out sand

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. Three and half weeks. The longer it went on, the more apathetic I became. Did anyone notice, I wonder?

Instead, I have been reading. It’s much easier than writing blog posts at the end of a brain-intensive working day, don’t you know? As is my wont, I got a little feverish about it all… compulsive one-clicking and jabbing at the page-turn button on my kindle. It can be a bit like drowning in quicksand, and I just keep going down down down. (help me! give me another book!)

Anyway, I resolved (I hope) a plot issue with my novel-in-progress on Friday, and almost immediately I managed to claw my way to the surface again, spit out the sand, brush the grains out of my eyes, and take a breath. Ta daaa!

I still have a heavy workload at the moment, but at least the novel is going again.

I need to rediscover my blogging mojo too.

In fact, I’ve decided to mine my early blog (Forge & Brew) for inspiration. There’s some good stuff on there that I can reinterpret and update over here. My original thought was to appropriate the travel posts (Spain and France) from five years ago, but having just skimmed through some of the blog, I now realise there’s also a bunch of book reviews, thoughts about inspiration and creativity, and lots about writing… Stay tuned!

So today I’m just checking in to break the drought.

There’s been some fab things happening over the past little while — the writing retreat end-August was great (even if I was somewhat distracted by dayjob stuff), and I’ve been doing a LOT of singing (including a workshop with Brian Martin), partly in preparation for the SoulSong singing retreat this coming weekend. There has also been D&D of course, to the point it’s a bit of a danger this will become a D&D blog (kidding!).

I’m currently working on my next Mongolia post. With luck, it’s not too far away…

5 thoughts on “Journal ~ Spitting out sand

  1. I have to admit that I didn’t notice, sorry!
    But I know the feeling all too well. Can’t remember the last time I wrote a blog post, which indicates how apathetic I’ve been towards it since it just takes a few clicks to find out!

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  2. we are only missed when we return Ellen but by the sound of it you’ve spent your time well, re-digesting blog things in order to spit it out in novel form before you head for Outer Mongolia – welcome back!

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