Journal ~ Update on words, Spring, bad habits


Despite my indecision a month ago, I’ve managed to get back into a good creative routine. The second half of July was work-frenzied as predicted, but August has been a delight. Lots of cafe writing sessions and I’ve started the run to the end of this novel.

So I feel as though I’m getting somewhere. Although I do have a few plotting dilemmas I need to sort out. There’s nothing quite like writing yourself into a difficult spot. I’m all for characters doing the thing that’s logical for them, but it doesn’t help if that makes the story dull or the problem impossible (or too easy) to solve. I’m going to have to disrupt a few things, think laterally, to make it work good.

Luckily for me, this coming weekend I’m heading to a writing retreat for four days. Me and a carload of food and wine and chocolate… And writing tools of course. Just the environment needed for creative inspiration. (And people to toss ideas around with.) Bring it on.


Spring is heading our way and I never ever get tired of discovering this…

l love cutting away all the dead traps and foliage from my carnivorous plants to reveal the new shoots coming through — and, in the case of the Nepenthes plants — quite large new pitchers.

We enjoyed a sunny and mild weekend just past, and it was pleasant to spend a little time outside tending to my plants. The next task for this year will be re-potting, which I’ll tackle in another couple of months.

Bad habits…

At a farmers’ market the other week I bought a 2kg box of chocolate-coated licorice. I am on strict rationing, but it’s sooo yummy!

2kg is a lot of licorice.

Also, back in May I reported I was going to (ironically) wean myself off reading. I did pretty well in June (I read just 4 books), but since getting back from Mongolia it’s been all downhill.

This past Saturday night I might have forgotten to sleep.

That is all.

6 thoughts on “Journal ~ Update on words, Spring, bad habits

  1. Glad to hear you’ve been getting back in the writing groove. I’m working on getting back in there myself šŸ™‚ Hopefully your retreat shakes loose some good stuff for you.

    I must’ve missed the update where you mentioned your intent to wean yourself off reading. Do you mean entirely? Or just cut back?


    1. Here’s to getting back into the groove! And no, not trying to eliminate reading all together, just have intentions to haul it back to a more reasonable level. Pulling all-nighters kind of plays havoc with other things that need doing. Oh, the irony! A couple of years ago I was lamenting my lack of reading! I think I read four books or something one year, and resolved to fix this. Little did I know what would happen. šŸ˜‰

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