On top (of Bodmin Moor)

I really like standing on top of things… It’s a compulsion. I don’t know where I get it from, but if there’s something to clamber on top of — wall, post, clifftop (cliff edge), tree stump, fallen log… I can’t help myself.

Bodmin moor_near Cheesewring

OK, so I obviously didn’t take this photo, but it was the first thing I thought of when this week’s theme for the WordPress weekly photo challenge came up — ON TOP. The photo was taken by a friend — I know she won’t mind.

The above photo was taken on Bodmin Moor, near the town of Minions and the Cheesewring…

The Cheesewring

The Cheesewring (which I confess I’ve shared on this blog before) looks like it has stones stacked on top of each other. Actually it’s formed by some form of natural erosion, but it’s pretty cool.

Both the Cheesewring and the pile of stones I’m standing on in the top photo are located on top of a hill on Bodmin Moor…

Bodmin Moor


Absolutely gorgeous part of the world.

(And, for those who caught my plug for Harper Fox’s novella ‘Once upon a haunted moor’ last month, this is where it’s set!!!)

Anyone else feel the compulsion to stand on top of things? Being high up gives me a huge thrill. What about you?


7 thoughts on “On top (of Bodmin Moor)

  1. Hail fellow clamberer (clamberist?) – I too have indulged this obsession far too often to be healthy in urban spaces, but the outdoors is a place that begs to be scaled and if my back was younger, I’d be up a tree or a clifftop right now!
    Strangely, heights in man-made buildings freak me right the hell out.


  2. I don’t actually have a compulsion for climbing on top of things, but I do very much enjoy Harper Fox’s books 🙂 Salisbury Key was aaa-mazing!!


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