REFLECTION three ways

This week’s photo challenge theme is REFLECTION.

Phillip Island swamp
Phillip Island swamp

Sometimes I need to get away from the world in order to give myself the time and space to REFLECT and focus on writing. It may be because I’ve reached a tricky bit and I need to think, or it may be I’ve lost touch with the story and need to reconnect.

One of the places I escape to on a regular basis (as I’ve mentioned many times before) is Phillip Island, where my parents have a house. The above photo was taken on the fire track near Red Rocks Beach, which is near the house and part of a favourite walk of mine.


The next two shots were taken on the same freezing cold day in Bruges, Belgium, a few years ago just before Christmas.

Bruges with giant claw

I love the above photo, because the reflection of one of the trees looks like a giant claw reaching into the water.

Bruges with fractured ice
Bruges with fractured ice

And in this one, the fractured ice renders the reflection jagged and confused. Or, looking at the other way, the presence of the reflection highlights the state of the ice on the water, which for me (living in Australia) is something I don’t see very often!

I like the fact that in these two Bruges photos the REFLECTION influences the mood and interpretation of each scene. They contribute to the photo, rather than just being an attractive appendage.

How do they make you feel?

18 thoughts on “REFLECTION three ways

    1. Thanks! I would like to return to Bruges when it’s not so cold. Such a pretty town, but I was too cold to hang about in the streets (or didn’t have enough warm layers on!).


  1. Lovely photos Ellen, something special about a reflection in water – makes me think of other worlds just a breath away, running in parallel.


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