Last October I took this photo in Exeter UK during our ‘wall walk’ — a self-guided journey along the ancient Roman/medieval wall that once ringed the town, but which now meaders through the central city area.


I love the composition of this image, which is almost exactly in thirds. It’s a juxtaposition of crisp, living, vibrant green grass; ancient stone wall that is the work of many ages and many hands; contemporary apartment building.

There is so much juxtaposition of old and new in the UK; it’s almost everywhere you look. It’s one of the reasons I love it so much. The uncountable layers of history — and the tangible remnants of those long-ago times — give the place so much texture and grace.

When I saw this week’s Weekly Photo Challenge topic was JUXTAPOSITION I thought immediately of this image and knew I had to share it.

14 thoughts on “Juxtaposition

  1. Lovely and interesting combination of scenes – most people would have just seen the Roman wall (if they were on the wall walk) and not noticed this juxtaposition


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