Time out with peppermint tea

I certainly wouldn’t have predicted my first post for 2014 would be about peppermint tea, but I find myself waiting out a rain shower in a cafe and thought: why not?


I don’t talk about peppermint tea on this blog much, but I drink it more than I do coffee. It is my go-to hydration beverage, and I believe it has other health benefits as well. (This site mentions antibacterial and anti microbial properties… Relief from colds, menstrual cramps, headaches, stomach upsets… Aiding concentration…)

Each day I try to ensure I consume the recommended two litres of water (or equivalent non-alcoholic caffeine-free beverage), and peppermint tea is an excellent alternative to plain water. I especially like it after a coffee as a palate-cleanser. And it’s hot, which is often a good thing!

The peppermint tea I’m currently drinking is a loose leaf tea — I think it’s T2 brand. Since the weather outside has just changed from muggy to wet and cool, the hot tea is very welcome just now. Despite the rain and the fact I might need rescuing by someone with the car, it’s a perfect time out.

Do you like peppermint tea? What is your secret ingredient to health?

Oh yeah, Happy new year!

4 thoughts on “Time out with peppermint tea

  1. Peppermint tea is the only hot beverage I consume! Glad to know it offers other health benefits beyond relaxation and enjoyment. Happy New Year!!!


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