Quick tip for writing in cafes

Here’s a quick tip for writing in cafes: make sure the table is at a good height.

This was just reinforced for me when I couldn’t get one of my usual tables at my regular haunt. I was forced to start off at another table, which was far too high for easy computer use.

I relocated at the earliest opportunity to one of my usual places…


The bench seat must be higher than a standard chair, making the relative table height lower. This makes it much easier (and ergonomic) to type!

So it’s not just the quiet and ‘out of the way’ nature of these tables ‘out the back’, it’s also the whole ergo experience.

Choose your writing cafe wisely!

Anyone else noticed this?

6 thoughts on “Quick tip for writing in cafes

  1. I produced a ton of writing at a certain cafe years ago. I had an out of the way table, and good company if I took a break. Then the owner turned it into a casual restaurant – good for him, bad for me. Ever since then I haven’t found another that suits for writing — noise is wrong, tables too close, too far away, in general not inspirational. I get distracted too often at home, but I have never found a new away-from-home place as good. I’m sure Hemingway didn’t come up with these excuses, but there you have it.


    1. Oh, Julie, that’s too bad! 😦
      I would be so upset if my favourite cafe changed liked that. There are several cafes I frequent for coffee and food, and some of them I’ll write in for short stints (say, 1.5h max), but if I want to hang around for longer than that (which I do, frequently!), there’s really the only the one I like. I was REALLY pleased when they changed their menu recently – heh.


  2. Table height is SO important – couldn’t agree more. I’m often resting my laptop on my lap because I’m usually not tall enough to type comfortably at the tables in the cafes I frequent.


    1. Indeed – but having it on your lap is REALLY bad for your neck… I would actually prefer the computer too high than too low. I have more problems with my neck than my wrists.

      But just right is what’s required!


      1. I know, but having it too high puts a huge strain on my injured shoulder (an old injury from a decade ago that’s never quite healed). As long as I keep my shoulders in the right place, my neck is ok with the arrangement. 🙂


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