Today I’m heading off to the UK for a few weeks without my computer. Technically I won’t be completely unplugged, because I will have my phone; but I daresay I will miss the flexibility of the real thing. I’m not yet at the point where a tablet (did I have one) could completely replace a laptop. Not sure I ever will be.

So, no computer. It will be an interesting experiment — but one I’m looking forward to. I’ve already established I’ll be able to blog on the phone (voila!), but I don’t think it’ll be as easy to do much more than that. And why should I, I suppose. I’m on holiday, and part of that is having a break from computers too. On this trip I have only brought 3 things requiring charging: phone, kindle and keyboard. I haven’t even brought a camera, coz the iPhone camera is so good!

I certainly won’t be working on the wip on this trip. Even though the ultimate purpose is to attend the World Fantasy Convention in Brighton at the end of the month – squee! (Much more on that as we draw closer.) I think a total break from the wip will do me good, then I can just finish it when I get home.

This is just a quick post therefore, from the boarding lounge at the airport as I await my flight. Because I can. πŸ™‚

All airport waiting lounges look the same, don’t they? Except one wonders where all the people are…

15 thoughts on “Unplugged

          1. Yeah, but it’s probably better than nothing. Whenever I’ve traveled overseas, I forced myself to stay awake until the evening of my arrival day to help me get used to the time difference. Being excited about going on a trip helps me stay awake, but it’s still pretty rough πŸ™‚


          2. Yeah. My motto is to get into the new time zone immediately. I arrived at about midday, got to my hotel around 2.45, met up with friends for coffee and then dinner, fell into bed at around 9.30. Not too bad! Can’t control what time you wake up though… 5am :-/


          3. Normally I would say “5 am? Ewww…”

            But when I’m traveling, it’s more like, “5 am? Yay! I can begin my adventure today :)”

            Although if there’s a big time difference, it takes me 2 or 3 days before I can get to that point 😦


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