The box I don’t want to get rid of

It’s amazing the things you come across when sorting through your junk pile, er, study.


This box was presented to me last year for my birthday. Inside was my real present, but the outside was so spectacularly decorated I had to pause and admire.

And my sister told me my (then) nearly two-year-old nephew had lovingly kissed every single sticker before placing it onto the box.

My heart still swells and my throat thickens as I look at it, and I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get rid of this box.

Now to find something appropriate to store inside it… Any suggestions?

This wonderful gift is my inspiration of the week. Have you ever received something so apparently worthless, yet worth everything? (Kinda like the advertisement for a certain credit card…)


11 thoughts on “The box I don’t want to get rid of

  1. Too precious!

    Since the stickers were sealed with kisses and love, I want to say store your love letters, but since this isn’t the regency period, you may not be collecting penned admirations from would-be suitors.

    How about storing positive feedback (writing love) in the box? Print the FB kudos, reviews, the rejection letter that at last wasn’t a form letter?

    When you’re feeling blue, the box itself will make you feel loved, as will the positive messages inside.

    Yes, you may boost your ego reading those messages while drinking wine. Must have something to toast with, mustn’t we?


    1. heh – love the idea of regency style love letters. Makes me think of Possession (although that wasn’t regency of course…).

      The idea of writing memorabilia is also good – except I don’t have any yet! Not of the kind you’re referring to, anyway. Maybe I’ll have to solicit some positive feedback just to store it away. 🙂


  2. I wouldn’t have been able to get rid of a box like that, either! Too cute. I might be inspired to keep anything from your nephew in that box – pictures he’s drawn, little “gifts” he’s given you, etc. If he’s anything like my kids, you’ll be on the receiving end of lots of trinkets, rocks, toys, and the like that you could store in there and then share with him someday when he’s older. 🙂


    1. yeah, great idea, Tami… He’s probably heading into an age when he might start creating things. Maybe I’ll get some presents! Apparently I feature in a lot of his pretend play — or so my sister was telling me this morning. (For some reason I’m something like his third favourite person in all the world. Not sure how I got so lucky. And he’s my godson. Awww.)


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