The clatter-scramble of puppy feet

All is quiet, calm.

And then the clatter-scramble of little puppy feet comes as Buddy tears across the living room floor in chase of a ball, or a rag-toy.

The sound makes me smile. Puppies are well known to be adorable and Buddy is no exception. He’s a miniature Schnauzer, currently about three months old, and still very much learning how to be.

Buddy - 11 weeks
Buddy – 11 weeks

He loves cuddles and chasing balls and exploring the garden. My parents have two houses and gardens for him to explore — one in the city and one on Phillip Island. He’s had lots of opportunity to explore the latter in the past week. And on Monday we took him out for his first coffee…

But for some reason the clatter and scratch of puppy paws in the living room seems like the cutest thing in the world. The sound rings with life and enthusiasm and glee.

The clatter-scramble of puppy feet is my inspiration of the week. What sounds fill you with joy and energy?


11 thoughts on “The clatter-scramble of puppy feet

  1. My puppy – well, he’s almost two now – is one of the brightest shining things in my life. And I’m a long-time cat owner. Buddy looks like a handful, but what fun!


    1. I’m a long-time cat owner too, but I do love dogs. My lifestyle doesn’t suit having a dog — I’m just glad my mum has one for me to love. Buddy is a replacement for her mini Schnauzer of nearly 11 years, Jeddah, who passed away last March.


  2. We are doggie-sitting our son’s labradoodle over the holidays. She’s 1 1/2 and still very much a puppy, especially when she’s outside. Inside, she likes to curl up by my feet and listen to me type. It’s going to be hard to give her back…


    1. I love labradoodles — in fact, just about anything crossed with a poodle is beautiful. Dogs are such good company, aren’t they? I’ve doggie-sat in the past, at a time when I wasn’t working, and really enjoyed it. (Do you absolutely have to give her back…?)


  3. Buddy is so adorable!

    You can learn so much from dogs ~ simple joys, unconditional love, how to take a good nap 😉

    The sounds that bring me complete joy are the sounds of my children belly laughing at nothing, when they call me in the morning and the sound of my dog licking the door. Yes, licking the door..


  4. What a cutie! I loved the sound of my kitten scrambling across the wood floor in my house when he was just a little bitty thing. It made me smile and laugh every single time. Not even kidding. Like Kim mentioned, I also love it when my kids laugh really hard from deep down in their bellies. I can’t help but smile no matter what kind of mood I’m in. 🙂


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