Imagine wide, dream big

I like to surround myself with reminders of why I’m here, what I’m doing, and give myself the occasional pep talk while I’m at it. It’s so easy to let life get in the way of dreams, so easy to get all caught up in the mechanics that you forget how to unleash creativity and let it flow.

Which is why, when I found the following two words available to hang on the wall (you know the kind — cut with a jig-saw out of wood), I simply had to buy.


another world… another time… what happens when… if she did that… if he went there…



to connect… engage… entertain… absorb… impress…
to be bold… successful… accomplished… productive… original… appreciated… lauded…

Sometimes I’m such a thick-head I need reminding of such things.

‘Imagine’ and ‘dream’ are my inspirations of the week. If you had a word on your wall, what would it be?


10 thoughts on “Imagine wide, dream big

  1. Love your inspirational words. This week, my words would probably be ‘grace’ (to allow myself more of it) and ‘perseverance’ (to continue on, even when things seem daunting).


  2. I love inspirational words and quotes, and yours are good ones.

    My word of the year is β€˜Trust’. Trust your process, trust your gut instinct, trust that things will happen as they should. All of which harken back to my favorite Julia Cameron quote, β€œWe take care of the quantity and we let God take care of the quality.” In other words, do the work and trust.


  3. Such a wonderful post, Ellen. And timely fo me too, in so many ways, My inspirational word is “Believe”. Believe in my vision for my WIP, believe in my talent to bring it about, believe in others who support my efforts on this fabulous creative journey,


  4. I would choose ‘risk’ ~ reminding me to get out of my comfort zone. I also like your ‘imagine’ ~ it’s inspiring and makes me sing John Lennon πŸ™‚


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