A much happier cat than Schrödinger’s

This gorgeous animation is about a cat in a box — a very happy and very much alive cat. A devilcat, perhaps, but one that is nonetheless loved and indulged. (See here for an explanation of Schrödinger’s Cat, quite another cat in a box.)

It isn’t the first Simon’s Cat video I’ve posted on this blog, but it turns out there are a heap I haven’t seen yet! This one rings particularly true for me and my devilcat — and probably for every other cat owner on the planet.

Go check out the Simon’s Cat site on You Tube when you’ve finished here for more awesomeness.

I have this (gasp) mostly empty bookshelf and my devilcat’s latest passtime is to play on the bottom two shelves as though she’s chasing her tail. Too funny.

Do you have a cat? Is yours a devilcat like Simon’s (and mine)? [My devilcat just clawed my wrist as I relocated her from the desk to the floor in order to type this post!]

What’s your cat’s funniest habit?

12 thoughts on “A much happier cat than Schrödinger’s

  1. I have two cats, they get me up at 5am. One of then goes to his litter box at the same time I go to the bathroom. Did you know that the Pharaohs Kitten is still alive and kicking and bidding the services of the Gods as we speak.


  2. What an adorable video! I wish our cats could be as overjoyed with a box. They much prefer rolling the house in toilet paper … and sadly, they are quite adept at it. *discreetly removing TP from the living room curtains*


  3. I know exactly how you feel. I maintain that my cat’s auto-feeder changed my life, because it allows me to get away without bothering someone else to feed her.


  4. I had never seen these videos before so thanks for sharing! I have two cats right now but have had many others in the past. One cat is very mellow even though he’s only 3, but the other one is about 1 1/2 and is EXACTLY like the cat in the video.


    1. Glad you enjoyed – my favourite videos are ‘cat man do’ (the original one from a few years ago) and ‘cat and mouse’, which I posted on this blog last year sometime. If you didn’t see that one, go check it out. Every writer with cat must see.


    1. I think I always need to have a cat. I’ve never yet had more than one at once, though. I rather think that would be nice. (Next time… Madame Devilcat would not permit any intruders at this point!)


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