How cats help

I’m a writer. Of course I have a cat. Don’t we all?

And my cat, Chenna (aka Devilcat), likes to help me write. Who ever said dogs were the pets who liked to be near you? Cats can be just as needy. And the thing with cats is that they have the wherewithal to get really close!

My devilcat can often be found on top of my desk while I’m working. If I’m lucky, she’ll be sleeping on top of my modem (mmm, warmmm). Slightly less convenient is her occasional insistence on sitting on my knee, leaving me squinting at the computer screen.

But sometimes she can be REALLY ANNOYING… patrolling the desktop as though she owns it, attacking my hands with her claws and teeth, pressing her cold wet nose all over my face, stepping on the keyboard…

And then Simon’s Cat launched the following new video, and I realised I am not alone. All cats must do this! And I simply had to share. Welcome to my life.

4 thoughts on “How cats help

  1. I trained my cat early on that the desktop was off limits to her. We seem to have compromised with her sitting on my lap with her front feet on the desk watching the monitor.


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