Among friends

I met with my writers group for brunch today. As is our wont, we sat around and talked shop over our flat whites and eggs, lingering into the afternoon, when we cracked open a bottle of pinot noir. Good friends with common interests, having a drink.

This for me is one of the best parts of being a member of a dynamic writers group like SuperNOVA. Sure, we get together for serious hard-hitting critique sessions on a monthly basis, but socialising every other fortnight grants us the latitude to discuss process, craft, blogging, conventions, markets, marketing and so on.

I remember back to when I first started writing, knowing no-one else in the SF community, not knowing there was such a thing as a community. The path I’ve taken to reach this point has been long and twisty, but I feel as though I’m about to arrive somewhere. Not sure where that is exactly, but  it feels good to be among friends.

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