Ellen Gregory
Hanging out on Bodmin Moor

Hello and thanks for stopping by.

I’m a Melbourne writer of various things… This is my creative space on the interwebs, where I am a writer of fantasy fiction, not yet published, but working on it…

My blog celebrates the fantasy genre and other aspects of the creative life — including the wonder inspired by travelling to far off places, both real and imagined.

If you stick around, you’ll find posts about travel, inspiration, books, Dungeons and Dragons (truly!), devilcat antics (I live with one), and musings about fantasy, writing and life in general.



In my other life, I’m a technology copywriter and communications consultant, specialising in engineering, science and industry. If this is what you’re looking for, please visit my website — elluminium — for more information.

Here’s a bio thingy…

Ellen Gregory divides her time between writing fantasy fiction and working as a freelance science/engineering writer and editor in Melbourne, Australia. Often in cafes. Always with coffee. Her animal companion is a devilcat and her favourite passtimes are singing with friends and reading. She also wishes she had unlimited time and resources for travelling to far off places.

You can find me on LinkedIn here. Otherwise, I’m ellenvgreg on Twitter or my email is drellenvg[at]gmail.


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Updated August 2015