Who am I and how did I get here?

I’m Ellen Gregory, a Melbourne writer dividing time between writing fantasy fiction and professional marketing communications and business content.

These two activities may sound incongruous, but they both demand one thing (aside from sitting for endless hours at a keyboard). And that is the ability to put words together sweetly and — more importantly — communicate an idea. (Maybe that’s two things?)

Creative writing

Writing epic fantasy is my passion and primary creative outlet. I’m not yet published, but working on it. I’ve spent quite a few years creating an imaginary world of my very own, and now I get to play in it. I’ve also spent quite a few years honing my craft.

So far I have completed two novels and revised them rather a lot. The second is close to being ready for me to consider pursuing publication. (Yay!) The first may stay in the bottom drawer forever — although I am still rather fond of one of the characters, who might get appropriated into something else.

Business writing and communications

As a small child I wanted to be a writer. (My first story was called Bello the Blue Dog.) Yet in high school I gravitated towards maths-sciences and found myself channelled into an engineering degree — which I enjoyed so much I stayed on to complete a PhD on phase transformations in bainitic steels.

When I rediscovered my love of creative writing at university, it seemed only logical to carve out a career that combined my two key interests.

Much of my business writing career was forged as a consultant and principal with a boutique publicity and marketing communications agency focusing on the industrial and technology sectors. (Wanted: Engineer who can write!)


I launched my business elluminium in 2014. Now I provide business writing, editing and communications services from home (which I love) or cafes (which is even better).

Over two decades I’ve written for a range of specialist industry sectors, including mining, procurement, research, manufacturing, automation, telecommunications and transport/logistics. I still love learning and writing about industry and STEM.


There are many things I love to do other than write. I have a passion for travel and adventure. I truly wish I had unlimited time and resources for visiting far off places. My latest hobby of geocaching is a great complement to this.

I also love to sing harmonies with friends, cuddle my cat and dive into my kindle for hours.

Chocolate is awesome. As is coffee. Red wine. And gin! (So many things, so little time!)