Meet my silicone bluetooth keyboard

I went shopping today, and I bought…


… a Bluetooth silicone keyboard. A RED Bluetooth silicone keyboard.

The plan I’m considering, you see, is to go travelling without my netbook computer (I know, radical!!) and use my smartphone for blogging and booking accommodation etc.

Which is what I’m doing now.

Yep, I’m blogging on my smartphone, using a red plastic keyboard that can be rolled up…


It can also be folded. What do you think?

It’s not perfect — for one thing, the keyboard is very sensitive and I’m typing multi-letters a lot. But it is better than the touch screen.

The trick is going to be navigating this WordPress App properly… is it going to let me preview the post? [yes!]

If this all works, I’m considering getting a small tablet, so I have a better screen interface. All I’ve been waiting for is an excuse.

The reason for this radical course of action is because I want to travel really light, but would like to keep up with my blog. Last time I travelled, I posted most days. It’s a good record of my experiences.


OK, I’ve resorted to the computer now, because one of the challenging things about the WordPress app for smart phones is positioning images. I haven’t figured this (or image sizes) out properly. More practice required before I’m convinced… (It also seems to have a bug when dealing with categories.) But I’m not giving up yet!

What radical actions have you considered for travelling?

15 thoughts on “Meet my silicone bluetooth keyboard

  1. Oh…that gives me such ideas…I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost thrown this stupid laptop across the table. Would dearly love to replace it with something smaller and more portable. Hmm….


    1. I know, right? It was a friend’s idea. His partner is a travel journalist and does this. Don’t throw your computer out yet, though. I’m not sure I’ll survive 4 weeks with only a phone. There are too many things I prefer a computer for. Like keeping on top of email…


  2. Oh my gosh! I love that keyboard! So perfect for travel and it will fit in your pack nicely with whatever jeans you decide on 🙂


  3. Looking forward to hearing your longer view thoughts on the effectiveness of a smart phone/tablet and keyboard! I have been toying with the idea for a while but not got around to purchasing the keyboard. Now that you’ve done it, I’ll wait for your recommendations…


  4. OMG that is so cool! I, too, have been trying to figure out what I can bring on trips that is lighter than carrying my MacBook. I am curious to hear how the keyboard fares on your trip to the UK.


  5. I’ve been writing on my iPad since the first one came out. Its been the best thing ever for actually getting me to write. The battery lasts waaaaay longer than my laptops ever did, its smaller and more compact and there’s a laundry list of writing apps for it. I use Daedalus for my first drafts, Storyist for Edge of December and Pages for drafting. Scrivener will be coming soon (hopefully before NaNoWriMo) and it will probably replace everything, which will be nice.

    I use Apple’s bluetooth keyboard most of the time, but I can also write pretty well on the touchscreen, even with my big fingers. There’s more than a few affordable options of bluetooth keyboard, and an interesting plastic keyboard called the touch fire, that goes over the screen that I get to try for the first time this week.


    1. How cool… I confess I don’t see tablets as a computer replacement for serious writing yet, but I guess with a good keyboard they might be almost as good… I think I would miss my mouse though!

      I think the Scrivener App sounds exciting too. I wonder whether it will be compatible with the PC version? Building up excuses to get myself a tablet…

      I will certainly be reporting on the progress of my el-cheapo silicone keyboard, which will not be anywhere near as good as a proper keyboard, but I think will be a good test to see whether I like it. (It was only $40.)


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