Enjoying Of Monsters and Men

This is not what I thought I was going to be citing as my inspiration of the week, but by chance last night I downloaded (legally) the album ‘My Head is an Animal’ from the Icelandic band, Of Monsters and Men, and I LOVE IT.

I saw the clip of their hit single ‘Little Talks’ (below) on a late night music video show a few times, and every time the song came on it snagged my attention. But I kept on forgetting the name of the band… (With ‘monsters’ in it, you’d think I’d remember!)

Then I was in a cafe yesterday and it suddenly occurred to me that the music they were playing might have been from the same band. So I asked what CD it was and wrote the name down in my novel journal, where I promptly saw it when I sat down to write last night.

And decided right then was a good time to investigate (and procrastinate) and take advantage of the wondrous thing that is the internet…

I have no idea how to describe the sound, but Wikipedia says they’re a six-piece indie folk/pop band

‘My Head is an Animal’ from Of Monsters and Men is my inspiration of the week, currently on its second play through of the evening. What do you think?

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